NFL Regular Season Stats are available!

With the NFL season running, the statistics updates are running at high frequency.

Statistics API is now on a dedicated server and will provide all the stats you need for your own website or mobile application.

Fantasy Football

You just want to play the game?

Create your own league and invite your friends or join a public league.

Statistics API

You have your own independent league, but need more live data during gameday or just playerstats?

We got you covered!

Statistics API


You need Widgets on your website to show statistics for your players or teams?

Some little widgets are coming soon.

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Fantasy Football Status
# Preparation begins again in february
# Design needs a lightweight layout
# Online Draft for 2015 is under construction
Statistics API Status
# All SSL Secure
# optimized response times for requests
# Moved to new dedicated server
Widget Status
# under construction
# coming soon